That Feeling of Achievement

Today, I finished my latest story! This one was a journey, and I have to say one of the darkest stories I’ve ever written. And isn’t it a weird feeling when you’ve been in your character’s head for weeks and then…it’s done?

It’s over.

Their story will no longer be told.

I get kind of emotional after completing a story. Okay, okay… I cry like a babe left on a doorstep, but there you go.

So what’s next for me?

Well, the story I completed “The Chirping Cricket Desires the Ripened Crop” was the final in the “Boyslove in the Gangland District” series. They comprise of four standalone stories that are linked by a returning character from the previous story. I liked the idea of that. Letting my readers know how all the characters lived their lives, found love (or not) and became a part of my soul.

But up next, I will be completing the third and final book in the trilogy that began with “Immortal Whispers” (the book that’s been accepted by Dreamsphere books!) I can’t wait to complete Hereward’s story! He so deserves to have it told now. He really does.

So as I write Hereward, I’ve got to remember to…

‘Cause I know there will be tears at the end.

After that, I’ll be back writing my boyslove stories, next one planned is titled: “The Eclipse Precedes a Blood Moon” and will feature Kuri and Scott’s love and how it blooms.

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