The Second Free Story

The second (and final) free story on the site is “I was Seduced by an Elder God” a Victorian era boyslove novella! (13k) It tells the story of Valentine, who not only becomes seduced by strange happenings, he starts to realise his next door neighbour Jonathon is also looking rather interesting.

Here’s the blurb:

As the apogee of a blood moon approaches, a strange, supernatural entity seduces Valentine then summons him to a ruined temple within a mist-shrouded lake with the promise of eternal happiness.

When inside the temple, the entity demands Valentine sacrifice someone dear to him on the altar to complete their arrangement. That’s when Valentine’s fears are realised. Love is the greatest madness of them all and it will be more than his own life at stake if he doesn’t surrender to it.

You can read the story with no cost to you HERE! It’s after the first story so scroll down. Enjoy!

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