Author Support – Grayson Bell

I’m going to try and do a daily blog post sharing my appreciation to some wonderful authors I’ve come to know lately! They’re all going to be from my #WRITEboyslove family (over on Twitter) and I can’t wait for you to get to know them too!

Today’s post is all about Grayson Bell. I asked him 4 questions (the same I’ve asked everyone), and here are his answers!

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I’m a middle-aged, semi-retired, gay trans guy. In the past, I’ve been an 8th grade science teacher, tech writer, web designer/developer, and web analyst. I worked 11 years for a tech company before getting laid off and starting my own web analytics consulting business. In 2018 I decided to try writing full-time. I’m also a gamer, and I enjoy crocheting and cooking.

Now tell us about your stories:

I started writing fanfiction in 2015 and I still write it occasionally. The video game Dragon Age is what sparked the passion for writing in me and I shipped a lot of the male companions together. I had to start writing to tell the stories in my head. Eventually I branched out and started writing original gay erotic romance stories and published my first novel in 2018.

Share an amusing event that happened to you:

My husband and I tried to incorporate some BDSM into our bedroom activities, primarily impact play as that’s a kink of mine. The first time we tried a spanking scene, I wasn’t able to take him seriously and as he started to spank me, I started laugh. The harder he spanked, the harder I laughed. We finally had to stop because my sides were hurting more than my ass was!

And give me your links to your book/s (click on image to be taken to site):

Transcendent is available on Kindle Vella HERE

The novella version of Transcendent is available for pre-order on Amazon (click on image to go to the site!)

Stay tuned for another author support post soon!

*If your browser doesn’t open link from the image, click HERE to got to Graysen’s website

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