Author Support – Daryl Leonardo

I’m going to try and do a daily blog post sharing my appreciation to some wonderful authors I’ve come to know lately! They’re all going to be from my #WRITEboyslove family (over on Twitter) and I can’t wait for you to get to know them too!

Today’s post is all about Daryl Leonardo. I asked him 4 questions (the same I’ve asked everyone), and here are his answers!

Tell us a bit about yourself:

My name’s Daryl Leonardo. I was born in the Philippines but raised in the suburbs of the San Francisco Bay Area. I grew up playing video games, specifically JRPGS, and I think that’s where I developed a love of stories. Then in high school, I got into acting, which in hindsight, made a lot of sense, because I was always playing pretend and letting my imagination run away with itself. So I decided I wanted to be an actor when I grew up. But being Asian American — and then later coming to realize I was gay — I was under the impression that there weren’t a lot of opportunities for me. That’s how I got into writing — at least seriously. I wanted to created opportunities for myself, then one thing led to another, and I ended up writing a book. Now, I’m here.

Now tell us about your stories:

The stories I write — at least the ones that I’ve put out and made public — are typically about growing and self-acceptance. As a gay man, I’m still not anywhere near 100% comfortable moving about the world, simply because it wasn’t normalized for me when I was growing up. It was always something that I saw people view as a joke or as gross. So my stories deal with a lot of that kind of stuff and learning to become okay with it. And I use a lot of my own experiences in my writing as well. It’s sort of like self-therapy. Which I think is helpful for a lot of people to see. It’s something to connect with, you know?

Share an amusing event that happened to you:

Amusing events… uh, there are a lot of them. Since we’re getting towards the holidays, one that I always go back to is this one time in high school. My acting workshop class did a secret Santa and the person who got me got me a dollar menu cheeseburger from McDonald’s. She said it was because I was always eating in that class, which was super embarrassing because I was, like, a chubby kid. Of course, I said thanks and ate it like it was the best thing, because I didn’t want to be sad about it when everyone else was happy, you know? But it was just like… ouch lol.

And give me your links to your book/s:

Stay tuned for another author support post soon!

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