Setting Up Shop

I’ve opened a RedBubble shop to sell stickers, magnets, buttons, and mousepads with my gorgeous “boyslove” boys on them! (The ones I use to do my daily prompts for #WRITEboyslove there on twitter).

The link to the shop is HERE if you want to check them out!

I’ll also be including these stickers with my paperbacks I’ll be selling or giving away. More on this coming soon!

To see more, I have created a page for my shop HERE or you can go to RedBubble HERE

Thank you!


  1. Amy-Alex Campbell says:

    They’re so cute! I’ll be ordering some stickers for sure 😀
    FIY for the pins, they come from the US so they take a little longer to come. I’m waiting for mine with Ashy and Nika to arrive 🙂

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    1. konblacke says:

      Yes, I got that. And I don’t mind how long it takes!

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      1. Amy-Alex Campbell says:

        Totes worth the wait!

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      2. konblacke says:

        I can’t wait!

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