Shouting into the Void

I put a lot of time, effort, and funds into becoming a self published author (and if you do write as a self-published or indie author, you’ll know what I’m talking about here). Yes, it’s a passion. No mistaking…

And no, it’s not profitable in the least.

Anyone who tells you self-published (and I even imagine most indie and traditional published) authors are ‘rich’ or get lots of money from their stories are delusional. The vast majority of authors need to work a day job – sometimes two jobs or more – to support their craft.

The stories we create are our blood, sweat, and tears but unfortunately it’s a lonely game. There’s no true value to what we do for other people, really. And that’s fine. I write (as I believe most authors do) because there is a drive there to tell stories. Nothing more.

If others like what I write, it’s a bonus, it really us. But getting my name out there is hard. I just feel sometimes I’m shouting into the void…

Anyway, if you do stumble upon my work, perhaps read the preview. Then perhaps click on the buy button if you like what you’re read. You’ll be appreciated to no end by me, let me tell you!

Thanks for listening to my little ‘ol voice coming to you from the void.