Author Support – Maxime Jaz

I’m going to try and do a daily blog post sharing my appreciation to some wonderful authors I’ve come to know lately! They’re all going to be from my #WRITEboyslove family (over on Twitter) and I can’t wait for you to get to know them too!

Today’s post is all about Maxime Jaz. I asked them 4 questions (the same I’ve asked everyone), and here are their answers!

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I’m Maxime, a queer M/M romance author (my blanket genre, as my stories take place in various times and settings). I am trilingual (French, English, Hungarian) and have some German and Latin. My “day” career is in education; I have a high responsibility full-time job as a manager at an educational company. I have various hobbies, ranging from acrobatic pole to horse riding, reading, and hiking. I love spending time with my family too, and I’m a coffee lover. I self-published my first book “Fall” in March 2021 and I’m looking forward to self-publishing many more. 

Now tell us about your stories:

My stories are about guys falling in love in various times and places. My first book “Fall” is contemporary romance, but I also write fantasy, sci-fi, Ancient Rome, Regency and paranormal(vampire) novels, all in different stages of completion. I am a pantser and start my stories at the first scene, then write down what my characters are doing from then. I have a movie playing in my head, and sometimes it can get pretty wild! I tend to have several WIPs, and can jump from one to the other if my characters start acting again. I will also start a new one if the urge is there. “Fall” is about the random encounter between a disaster, rich, med student and a dirt-poor circus acrobat. It’s a big love story filled with emotions. It has made my readers cry many times. All my stories have elements of love, self-discovery, grief, and loss, as well as personal conflict and morally grey characters. Some of them can be downright dark, but readers are always warned about content. In all of my works, the main message is that love wins. That is one of my mottos in life too.

Share an amusing event that happened to you:

I was dressed up as Jack Sparrow for the school carnival day (I was Head of Secondary school then), and was walking down a primary corridor to go to the theatre hall when a small kid ran out on the corridor and started chasing me, shouting “It’s jack Sparrow! Jack Sparrow!” I had to stop and play the game of being Jack Sparrow whilst the staff stood there, puffing. It was a golden little moment.

And give me your links to your book/s:

Stay tuned for another author support post soon!

*If your browser doesn’t open link from the image, click HERE to got to Maxime’s website.

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