Cover Reveal – Boyslove in the Gangland District

For the 4 novelettes that make up the ‘Gangland District’ series of standalone (but in the same universe with connecting characters) stories, I have a cover! This collection will then be made available exclusively for paperback only!

The stories are:

“Offering Gold Coins to a Cat”

“Soft Boys Play Hard”

“Catching Two Frogs with One Hand”

“The Chirping Cricket Desires the Ripened Crop”

You can read more about them and when they’ll be available individually HERE

But for now – and the purpose of this post, after all – here is the cover for the collection featuring our favourite bisexual cop, Hank on the front. He’s standing in the Docklands area a lot of these stories take place in, too!

It’s so exciting to see my most of my stories now with covers! This one was once again done by the talented and amazing Ikeda Ken! I can’t wait until you can read them all!

Stay tuned for further updates!

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