Author Support – Briar Rhodes

I’m going to try and do a daily blog post sharing my appreciation to some wonderful authors I’ve come to know lately! They’re all going to be from my #WRITEboyslove family (over on Twitter) and I can’t wait for you to get to know them too!

Today’s post is all about Briar Rhodes. I asked them 4 questions (the same I’ve asked everyone), and here are their answers!

Tell us a bit about yourself:

Hi! I’m Briar! Thank you to Kon for inviting me to participate in this! So…about me? I’m a nonbinary femme (most days) person who loves to write and draw!

Now tell us about your stories:

My first book is a webnovel called “Magic Makes My Life Less Lonely!” It is a magical, slice of life, M/M romance fill with all the sugary sweetness of new love! The book I’m currently working on has a more of an adventure feel to complement the slice of life aspects. It’s about a magical artist and their hot race car driving boyfriend! More details and art for that will be out soon, follow along on twitter or Instagram @briarprose if you would like to see more!

Share an amusing event that happened to you:

Hm…I find things to laugh about daily, and I always try to live as light-hearted as I can! It isn’t always easy…but I like to make people laugh and light up with hopeful art and stories! We need more hope and sweetness in the world!

And give me your links to your book/s:

Stay tuned for another author support post soon!

*If your browser doesn’t open the link from the image, click HERE to got to Briar’s book.

**Please note comments are moderated and any hate, abuse, or trolling will not see the light of day.

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