One Week Until Lord Hereward Arrives!

It’s a momentous occasion, because today marks the “1 week to release” day for “Immortal Whispers” and Lord Hereward’s adventures! The release date is the 18th Feb 2022!

Here’s the trailer I did for the event!

You can pre-order the book from these sites:

Dreamsphere books


Smashwords (draft2digital)

For more information, click on the Dreamsphere link or my page link to the story HERE


  1. Amy-Alex Campbell says:

    Squeeeeee!! I’m so excited. Ngl – I won’t be preordering an ebook. I’m going straight to paperback! Your publisher said they’ll become available as soon as the ebooks go live 🤩 Years later I finally get My Lord Hereward on my shelf!!


    1. konblacke says:

      Yes, I’m getting the paperback too!

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