New Release – Love’s Untying Knot

It’s here! My werewolf omegaverse boyslove story just in time for Easter! Because yes, it’s an Easter story! You can grab Love’s Untying Knot HERE.

Liam’s work is hosting its annual Easter weekend party.
Unfortunately, because Liam is desperate and dateless for it, he decides to cosplay as a sexy Easter bunny “hopping” to get laid—wearing nothing but cute rabbit ears, a revealing jockstrap, a fluffy tail, and an “I’m available” smile!
Sure enough, and much to Liam’s delight, someone at the party has their eye on him from the get-go. To make it even sexier, the guy is cosplaying as a wolf.
Wonderfully, it seems Liam is on the wolf’s menu!
After things get hot, heavy, and awesome between them, Liam quickly realises that the man who chose him for a weekend of passion isn’t who he thought he was. In fact, if Liam isn’t mistaken, he’s a real wolf with real fur and claws and teeth—oh my!
Will Liam accept the wolf for who he is and enjoy the weekend or will their passion end up a bust because Liam can’t accept being loved by a monster? The choice is his…

Help out an indie author and grab a great read today!

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