A Decision Has Been Made

A great big “hey there” to all of you who have been following me, my writing, or who’ve shown a general interest in what I’ve been doing – which is trying to create fun, sexy boyslove (mlm) reads.

These past few weeks have been tough, I’m not going to lie. Not only has my business picked up to the point of being chaotic (This year’s football season where there has been no sport playing for two years previously and me volunteering at a local club to help the U15’s combat injuries being the main reason), there have also been unexpected blows to my physical health that I didn’t anticipate, something that has affected me mentally worst of all.

To add to that is the fact that after years and years of work to try and forge a self-publishing/indie career with my writing, adding to that the money spent (with editors, proof-readers, cover artists, promotions, promotional art/videos, interior art, and so much more) and time invested, most times to the point of frustration and depression, there has been no reward other than the sheer joy writing gives me.

I have come to terms with the fact that my stories simply don’t sell. I have also come to terms with the fact that even when I’ve paid others to help me with my writing, they really only had their own agenda. One that in the end made me feel inferior, incapable, and questioning myself. They did this to make themselves feel better – no other reason. The whole “I’m better than you” mentality they had instead of working with me at my level without judgement or ‘obliterating’ what I’d written, was as toxic as hell.

But I’ve learnt from that.

Yes, it’s a selfish world we live in, and as a giver – and someone who helps others for a living – it’s sometimes hard to come to terms with people who aren’t like that.

I also know that what I write isn’t for everyone. Heck, it seems to be for not many at all. But for the few of you who love my work, don’t worry…I will never stop writing. My stories mean the world to me, they really do. I live and breathe my characters. Writing is in my blood and I will not stop the life-flow of that.

However, due to the reasons outlined above, and the jealous, selfish, and self-centred people over there on twitter who have claimed to be friends but are far from it, I’ve decided to quit that platform to promote my work or myself. I’ll only be promoting my work here on my website (and by extension, my author page on Goodreads because of the RSS feed I’ve set up) and on TikTok (I do love making those videos).

So…please, continue the journey with me. There are many, many exciting and fun, sexy boyslove stories coming soon, including new releases through my indie publisher, Dreamsphere! And those of you who have been, I hope you all continue to support me! Talk soon.

Oh, and don’t forget to follow me or this blog to keep updated!