A Bit Absent Lately…

Life has suddenly got in the way of my writing. And even though writing is my passion, my love, my ‘me time’ these other things that have been demanding my attention have all been good.

First, I’ve been renovating my house (as I was going to sell it but HOLY FUCK the price to buy real estate is phenomenal lately, not including all the fees). So I decided to spent my money on something I already have.

So far the front has been re-rendered, re-painted, landscaped, and cleaned up. I’ve just got the footpath and driveway to re-paint (which will happen once all the trades have finished stomping in and out of my house).

Now that the outside is looking better than the tired drab exterior it once was (my house is 15 years old) the inside is being worked on now. And no you’re not imagining things, I’ve edited out the number of my house for obvious reasons. Also, my Samsung camera phone seems to tend towards the pink spectrum thanks to being outside or whatever. I assure you, my house isn’t pinkish, but more tanish.

Oh well, it is what it is – I’m not photographer.

Second, and at the moment, my kitchen is being done. I’ve had 2 weeks so far without one, and yep, I realise I need a kitchen more than anything else. But at least my new kitchen will be shiny and modern and fantastic when it’s done.

I can’t wait.

And now that the carcasses are finally in after the demolition and clean up, it has become cat approved…which is something, right? There’s still a couple of weeks to go before the kitchen is complete, though. I NEED A KITCHEN! (for everyday plus my home business)

From there, it’s a re-paint of the first floor, re-do of the flooring and getting rid of some old wallpaper. After that, it’s the bathroom upstairs!


And to top it all off, business has been very, very busy lately. I have also been invited to be the lead therapist for the regional powerlifting championships that are happening between now and the long weekend on the 12th of June.

Busy, busy!

I wonder when I’ll be able to get any writing done? Oh well, Hereward is always there for me when I need him…and his story will be told, come hell or high water.

Talk soon!