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“Immortal Whispers: the Legend of Hereward, Book One” – Available Now!

Immortal Whispers is out now! I can’t believe it!

Here’s the gorgeous cover.

Plus here’s the “release day” promo trailer to get you excited for the book!

And here is the main commissioned artwork I did to help pretty things up and to see how others interpreted my hero! It will be used by my publisher for promo too! How awesome is that?

Artwork: “Hereward and Keiron” by C_Draw

More artistic interpretations I commissioned – I love how different artists see things! So good!

Artwork: “Hereward and Kieron” by nomumomu

So in case you didn’t know, Hereward is the lead character in my fantasy trilogy, starting with “Immortal Whispers.” He’s a sexy, swear-y knight with a heart of gold and a very, very hard….sword. You can read chapter one of his story here!


Oh, but before that, here is the main promo vid I did as release day approached to get peeps to pre-order! Did you get your copy?

So let’s get on with the first chapter!

“The precious things that are taken from us so terribly, sometimes violently, not only define us, but they can also re-shape and re-build our future.” –Hurald, King of Suvanwold, extract from the Suvanwold Scrolls, number XII.

“I believe in the subterranean god, Adàrorn, not any kings of men, for the gods are the only ones who can judge me.” –darrow priest, read from a bloody parchment taken from their dead body.

“Darrows are fuckers. Kings are heartless fucking bastards. But magicians, any fucking magicians, mind you, are even worse than anything. They’re fucking cunts if you ask me.” –Hereward, Lord Knight, spoken while drunk at some dive of a pub somewhere no sane soul would dare to go.


Ealdræd’s Devastating Victory

Beyond where the King of the World rested amongst the craggy stones that led up to the last temple of the old ways, the crows took flight, disturbed by something unseen.

“Is…is there a dragon here, my Lord?”

“I fear it’s fucking worse than that, Camdyn, my boy,” Hereward replied with a disgusted snort, an acrid stench annoying his nostrils.

He surveyed the land before him. Ancient, weathered, and treacherous. An ugly line of black smoke, slithering as if it were a serpent demon, stained the gray rain clouds not too far away. No blue sky could be seen, not even a patch.

Not a good omen.

And even though he shouldn’t believe such nebulous, illogical things, for omens were for fools and dreamers, he couldn’t help it. Yes, Hereward was a realist, relying on strong muscle, tempered steel, and gut instinct, most of the time. His sword was the only god he put faith in. But still. An omen was an omen. And this one wasn’t good.

Fucking fuck, this is all I need! I’d rather have my balls in a vice and squeezed until the fuckers burst than face this prick! Fucking Ealdræd, the bastard. When will I ever be rid of the cunt? He snorted again.

His squire boy’s eyes darted while he studied the atmospheric disturbance gaining more strength before them, his youthful brow furrowing. “What could be worse than a dragon, my Lord?”

“Aside from two dragons? We’re facing a fucker of a magician named Ealdræd. He’s worse than a dragon.”

Camdyn swallowed hard. “What can we do?” He hastily added, “My Lord?”

“Pray the time you spent last night with the stable hand was worth it.”

A flush of red joined the worry on Camdyn’s face. “You…you know about me…me and Kieron…my Lord?”

“Don’t trouble yourself, I understand.” Hereward managed a quivering smile through his gritted teeth, thinking back fondly to his younger days when the alluring wink of one particular servant lad—Oswin was his name—was an invitation to carnal discovery both fulfilling and loving.

For the longest time, Oswin was Hereward’s only joy in life, more so as duty and expectation began to dominate more and more. Until one day, Oswin was no longer there when Hereward got home. He’d been bought by another lord in a kingdom far away.

“Thank you, my Lord.”

Hereward studied his squire while drawing his sword, the steel ringing as he removed it from its scabbard, music to his ears. Camdyn had a slight but well-proportioned frame, curly blond hair, subtle pink lips, and wide blue eyes filled with innocence and wonder. But the poor bastard was inexperienced and hadn’t a clue what he was in for when he joined Hereward six full moons ago after coming of age at eighteen summers.

Then again, all young men had to further their education after basic training, be that with a scholar, a knight, or a noble, by order of the king. For Camdyn, his duty required he be paired with a knight, and Hereward was chosen. But still. The wilds weren’t the place for fresh-faced men with romantic ideas of adventure and all that shit. Such grandiose notions usually got them killed.

It was Hereward’s duty to make sure that didn’t happen. A few times already, if it wasn’t for his strong hand and the steel it held, Camdyn would have been eaten alive—the wilds were where monsters lived. But right now, monsters were the least of Hereward’s concerns and should be Camdyn’s as well.

Almost as an afterthought, he said, “Nothing better than a man’s love to comfort you. Mark my words, Camdyn. I’ll not tell a fucking soul of your love for Kieron. And I give you both my blessing.”

A sigh of relief and more innocence supplemented his smile. “You’re certainly different to the other nobles and knights of the castle, my Lord.”

“That I am.” Hereward patted his squire on his back. “My philosophy is fuck who you want to fuck if they are willing and consent to it. Life’s too short to have regrets about where you should have warmed your cock.”

“Aye, my Lord.”

“If we get out of this pile of shit we’ve found ourselves in, make sure you fuck that stable hand well and good tonight in celebration. Then fuck him some more for good measure.”

A red flush came to full bloom on Camdyn’s cheeks, almost purpling. “Yes, my Lord.” Then after a pause and a glance to the tussocky ground, he murmured, “But I do like it when Kieron…fucks me as well.”

Hereward let out a short guffaw, again momentarily distracted from the unnatural gathering storm around them. But only for a moment. Then, the black snaking smoke opened up like an abyss in the heavens.


Hereward stood ready for battle, his stance wide. But to keep with their conversation, and to reassure his squire, he asked, “Kieron’s got a good-sized cock between his legs then, has he?”

“Aye yes, indeed he has, my Lord.”

“Excellent. Aside for the man himself, there’s nothing fucking better than a huge and hard cock to admire while flat on your back in the hay.” But the conversation was a distraction to try and quell his growing concern. Hereward sniffed the air. It was soaked with the tang of ozone and something bitter. Again, not a good sign. His pre-battle nerves began to reign as he gripped the hilt of his sword more firmly. Hereward added, “And stop calling me your lord. I’m Hereward. We’ve been friends long enough to drop the fucking formalities. Hear me?”

Camdyn nodded. “What will you do tonight?”

Hereward snorted again, but not in disgust that time. He admired Camdyn, he really did, but the young man was oblivious. That was Hereward’s fault. Still. He answered, “My hand is my master these days.”

Camdyn had sadness in his eyes—a small piece of his innocence falling away when he understood. “Since Lord Ayrdon Slade was…killed by the darrows, you mean?”

“That’s right.” Hereward swallowed the lump that formed in his throat at the mention of his deceased husband. The man he’d loved with every beat of his heart. If he could have died in Ayrdon’s place, he would have. “I suggest you make the most of your time with Kieron. You never know when your number’s up, hey? Now, enough fucking chatter. Stand ready.” Hereward swung his sword, the metal thrumming as it sliced the air. “Ealdræd will be here soon. We’ve trespassed into his lands and he’s going to be pissed.”

“Yes, Hereward.” Camdyn did as asked, drawing his own sword and coming beside Hereward, his brother-in-arms. As he should. Though, when Hereward considered it, the man at his side was more than that.

Yes, Hereward loved him because of his friendship and loyalty. But his love for Camdyn went deeper than that.

Camdyn had become a son to him. Without him, Hereward would be a lost, lonely man. Camdyn had saved him from insanity uncountable times after Lord Slade was captured, tortured, then killed in some barbaric ritual the darrows used often on their enemies. A cruel ceremony that involved caging people—stripped naked and oiled—within a massive Wicker Man statue. They then burned those poor folks alive, laughing at their screams of agony as their flesh was burnt off their bones and they begged for a quicker death.

The fuckers!

If it was the last thing he did, Hereward would kill every darrow bastard that fouled the king’s land in revenge. All of them. Their blood would turn the ground and rivers red, and their rotting insides would become feed for the worms. He’d destroy their subterranean homes as well. The darrows deserved no less.

But right now, there was a magician to deal with.

As if hearing his thoughts, lightning cracked across the sky in sheets too close for Hereward’s liking. The thick static in the atmosphere made the hairs on his tattooed arms stand to attention. Thunder boomed moments later. He stepped back, pulling Camdyn with him. Ealdræd wasn’t going to play nice.

Another strike of lightning.

Then two more.

The atmosphere sizzled with electricity and the stench of ozone and magic, something that added the bitter undertone he noted earlier. The clouds then turned even darker than Hereward’s hopes of getting away from the Ealdræd’s lands unscathed.

Just their fucking luck.

Hereward bellowed, “Fucking show yourself instead of hiding behind your trickery, Ealdræd!”

He moved as stealthily as he could while wearing his leather armor. Camdyn was behind him, protected by his bulk and shield. While facing Ealdræd, he had to protect his son from harm. Doing so was his duty, but it was also more than that. Hereward would die for Camdyn; honest as the steel god he held in his hands, he would.

“I suggest we—” The next streak of lightning was too close, killing Hereward’s words off his tongue before they could form.

A muffled, desperate cry was all Hereward heard between the claps of deafening, roaring, ground-shaking thunder before it was silenced. That, and he felt a disturbingly familiar wet feeling dripping down his arm from his shoulder on the side where Camdyn once stood.


Hereward, unable to help himself despite the increasing danger churning above, turned back, fearing the absolute worst but hoping in vain for more. His heart sank like a stone. Even though part of him had expected it after the strike, what confronted him saddened him to his bones. To his soul.

The lightning had struck Camdyn.

Hereward couldn’t breathe. The young man’s lifeless body was sprawled awkwardly across the tussocky ground. His eyes, so innocent and perfect blue before, were now dead sockets within his lightning singed skull. To add to the horror of it all, Camdyn’s blood oozed from him to become a macabre halo, staining the dirt and the dying grasses.

“Fuck!” Hereward bellowed.

With his sorrow poisoning every fiber of his being, he dropped his sword and collapsed beside Camdyn’s body. The weight of his grief was profound. Without thought or care of what was happening around him, he cradled the young man close to his chest. His loving embrace let him feel the last vestiges of Camdyn’s warmth leave him; the young man’s soul, pure and perfect, would soon find its way to the great beyond.

The world had lost a precious angel.

“I’m so fucking sorry, my boy, I failed you,” he cried to the angry, churning sky. “I failed you.”

Lightning was his reply.

Hereward’s tears fell for the young man who meant everything to him. It helped to cry, but he knew he would mourn forever if he wasn’t in so much danger.

“You’ll fucking pay for this, Ealdræd! You’ll pay, you filthy fuck stain. You hear me? You’ll pay!”

There was no answer to Hereward’s lament other than the lightning and thunder that continued flashing and booming around him. And then, the heavy rains came, tinkering off the metal he wore while washing away Camdyn’s blood from Hereward’s armour.

“You’re fucking dead for what you’ve done here today, Ealdræd.”

Hereward made that promise to himself because if it was the last thing, he would get his revenge. He would make Ealdræd pay for Ayrdon’s and now Camdyn’s deaths.

Pay dearly.

Artwork: “Hereward” by Malpoya

Listen to me read a part of the first chapter in this promo vid!

Here’s the buy link where you can purchase the book – Immortal Whispers! And below are more ‘coming soon’ trailers I did, if you’re interested!

The Dreamsphere books website is HERE.

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